Larkin Love in Punk Angel’s Demon Tongue – TheDickSuckers


Larkin Love’s fans LOVE Larkin Love. That has a nice ring to it, huh? Larkin might have the greatest tongue in the history of porno, so just imagine what a tongue like that would feel like wrapped around your dick. That’s what Mr. POV though when he saw her tongue for the first time. In addition to the greatest tongue, Ms. Love might have the greatest J.O.I. / dirty talk game…ever. And that’s saying a lot. But whenever our producer / director Billy Watson has Larkin on set, all he has to do is yell ACTION and Larkin kicks it right into high gear. With Larkin Love, there’s no fucking around. You can judge it by the XXXL load Larkin finished as Mr. POV shot it across her face, and then dumped the rest of his massive wad directly on her infamous tongue! Follow Larkin @LarkinLoveXXX at enjoy my brother!!

Date: March 7, 2022

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